Hot Air Balloon Print Kit for 50-90 guests

Hot Air Balloon Print Kit for 50-90 guests

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One-time customisation costs are included in unit prices where applicable..

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Hot Air Balloon Print for 50-90 guests
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Customised fingerprint balloon print/alternative guest book


  • Flat Size: 12 inches x 16 inches
  • Suits: 50-90 guests
  • Printed on matt or textured card

Create a memento of your child's Christening or Birthday with a unique, personalised fingerprint balloon print. Have your guests leave their fingerprint on their print and create a beautiful keepsake that you'll be able to look back on for many years with happy memories. 
Included in your kit is 3 high quality archival ink pads perfect for fingerprinting. You may also buy extra colours from us for $4.00 each.

TIP: Make your print extra personal by getting your guests to write their name next to their fingerprint. Use a fine tip marker or black pen for best results.

Your fingerprint balloon package will include:

  • 1 x personalised fingerprint balloon print with your name/date and customised in your chosen colours
  • 1 x instruction card included personalised with your print and example of how to use it - 6x4 inches
  • 3 x archival, high quality pigment based small ink pads (choose from our extensive range of colours)
  • Postage to one address within Australia

Your print is fully customised and you can choose from a range of font choices and colours so it matches your event perfectly (please see the font choices image).

This print is also available in the following sizes:
- 8in x 12in (15-30 guests)
- 11in x 14in (30-50 guests)
- 12in x 16in (50-90 guests)
- 16in x 20in (80-130 guests)
- 20in x 24in (120-200 guests)

We will email you once you have ordered your print to confirm the name and date you'd like, as well as the colour of the text. 
You won't need to fill any information out before placing your order.


Standard ink colours available: Metallic Gold, Metallic Silver, Yellow, Red, Dark Green, Dark Blue, Aqua, Pale Pink, Pale Blue, Mauve, Dusty Pink, Brown, Sky Blue, Lime Green
Available upon request ink colours: Terracotta Orange, Eggplant Purple, Tree Leaf Green, Avocado Green (please email us before purchasing and we will let you know availability of these colours)

All inks are water based and will not stain skin. A simple wet wipe will remove ink from fingers and we recommend you supply these and a small trash can for your guests.

NOTE: The example image shows a print with approximately 100 fingerprints. Results will vary based on the number of guests and print size. This image is for demonstration purposes only. Not all ink colours shown may be available for purchase.
*Please allow 1-2 weeks for production before shipping*

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