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Baby & Toddler Milestone Cards

Celebrate Your Baby’s Milestones with Our Cards and Stickers
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Keep track of your little one’s development with happy snaps. Here at Life is Peachy, we help you create fun and unique photographs of your child with a range of baby milestone stickers and cards. Offering a pack of 12 stickers or a set of 32 cards, we help you capture unforgettable moments for every milestone as you apply the stickers to your child’s clothing or sit them next to their cards before taking as many pictures as you like.
Milestones make for everlasting memories
The first 12 months is an exciting time in your child’s life and your life as a parent, and capturing these moments in a unique way will help you to create a unique memento you will look back on for years to come. Share the photographs with friends and family and hold on to them to share with your child when they are older, these images are bound to have a special place amongst your photo collection.
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